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Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Association, Inc. 

21 Green Street, Kingston, Mass. 02364
Telephone: 781-585-4507
    The Kingston Evergreen Cemetery is a privately owned cemetery established in 1853. 
The grounds are beautifully landscaped and maintained to provide a peaceful,
and safe place for all past, present and future generations.
    There is a private chapel as well as a small pond and meandering pathways to follow 
throughout the grounds. Sit and reflect at Mirror Pond or enjoy the beauty of the majestic
trees that have been sheltering the cemetery for centuries. 
    Kingston Evergreen Cemetery has been the final resting place for our ancestors, loved ones, 
family, friends and neighbors for over 150 years. 
     Come visit and see why for generations, families have chosen the peaceful surroundings 
of Kingston Evergreen Cemetery for their final resting place.
Meetings: Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Trustees
Every third Tuesday of each month; 6:30pm
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